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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dismissed from Dior.

I’ve taken a little time to think the Galliano events through before posting any hurried conclusions to which I most probably would have arrived all too hastily, which seems fairly logical considering the following;

It had seemed silly to me that this incredibly talented man of mixed decent, in his wise fifties, and so well-respected by his peers and aficionados should show such immeasurable lack of judgment that he would fail to recognise the enormity of letting slip such ignorant and offensive comments.

Oh no, I thought, this pitiful situation in which the creative genius now finds himself must surely be a result of a pre-meditated attack on an icon who’s public demise would make someone very rich indeed. Surely.

Surely not. Sure enough, a disconcerting video of this same man surfaced a few days after the allegations were made, containing scenes of a nature that I do not care to describe here. If you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days, then have a look here.

We saw it, he said it. We can all now vouch for what was a blatant disregard for a period of sinister tragedy, proof that these prejudices still exist in our society. Perhaps not something we expected of the man who is largely responsible for re-inventing the house of Christian Dior. John Galliano does not like Jewish people, or at least that it what his comments would suggest.

So what’s next? Karl Lagerfeld is angry, Natalie Portman will no longer be associated with him and the French want him to go on trial. The story continues, as will my take on it…

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