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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Anna Dello Russo.

In an age where fashion can too often be about conformity and acceptance, I thank Coco Chanel that Anna Dello Russo is the Elton John of the fashion editors; unique, respected and frankly, completely nuts. Let me clarify here that I equally respect her - should I say - traditional counterparts (Alexandra Shulman and Anna Wintour come to mind.)

Yet I find myself partly infatuated and wholly consumed by Dello Russo’s lack of regard for what others might consider ‘the norm’. And why should she care? For what would almost seem to be an inability to differentiate between smart and casual, conventional and avant-garde, night and day, is actually a rare ability to have fun with fashion without giving a pig’s ear about anyone else’s judgment. For this, I salute her.

Image from the Sartorialist.

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