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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Kling onto Style Advice.

Fashion editor, blogger, stylist, dancer; What can't Elin Kling do?! As well as being the long lost twin of my wonderful friend Jen, she is emerging as an unstoppable force in Scandinavian fashion. And now, with the launch of her very own magazine, Kling is busier than ever, which is just as well as British Vogue stated this month - FASHION NEVER RESTS.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lady in Red.

This is Chanie, a model stroke hairdresser, working red like she was born that way (unlike Lady Gaga who probably was not, despite her claims). She had a charming confidence about her and wore ample colour like the less-daring of us wear grey. Or beige. Or black. Or cream... Now I’m just talking about myself. Never mind, I foresee change thanks to none other than Jil Sander’s spring/summer offering.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Muse of the Day.

I couldn’t outline the reasons why but I seem to have more style icons that ever. Giovanna Battaglia pulls at my Italian heartstrings; everything about her is so elegantly calculated but in a non-conformist, effortless way. Her composure and femininity are appealing on a very basic level and her immaculate sense of style appeals to every part of my being.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Pink Lady.

Pictured is the charming fashion editor of The Sunday Times Style magazine. As I am due to undertake a three month work experience placement at the magazine in May, it was particularly lovely to meet her and exchange a few words about my joining the fashion team.

The Sunday Times Style has been and remains my favourite supplement and more importantly one of my favourite magazines. It has a knack for contextualizing trends and fashion in a way that cultivates an interest in the subject in those that might have formerly been less than concerned. Needless to say, I am itching to get into the office and see what goes on behind the scenes (and of course, to satisfy my burning desire to find out who Mrs Mills really is!)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

It's a wrap.

Pictured: two effortlessly beautiful models, appropriately wrapped up and awaiting their taxis after walking in the Mary Katrantzou show (which I am still obsessing over). Of course, one would assume that beauty comes fairly easily when your skin is vibrant and your cheek bones are strong enough to combat a sumo restler. On a serious note, the simplicity of the make-up at the show was appropriate; simple, flattering and in no way attempting to steal any limelight from the stunning collection.

Dismissed from Dior.

I’ve taken a little time to think the Galliano events through before posting any hurried conclusions to which I most probably would have arrived all too hastily, which seems fairly logical considering the following;

It had seemed silly to me that this incredibly talented man of mixed decent, in his wise fifties, and so well-respected by his peers and aficionados should show such immeasurable lack of judgment that he would fail to recognise the enormity of letting slip such ignorant and offensive comments.

Oh no, I thought, this pitiful situation in which the creative genius now finds himself must surely be a result of a pre-meditated attack on an icon who’s public demise would make someone very rich indeed. Surely.

Surely not. Sure enough, a disconcerting video of this same man surfaced a few days after the allegations were made, containing scenes of a nature that I do not care to describe here. If you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days, then have a look here.

We saw it, he said it. We can all now vouch for what was a blatant disregard for a period of sinister tragedy, proof that these prejudices still exist in our society. Perhaps not something we expected of the man who is largely responsible for re-inventing the house of Christian Dior. John Galliano does not like Jewish people, or at least that it what his comments would suggest.

So what’s next? Karl Lagerfeld is angry, Natalie Portman will no longer be associated with him and the French want him to go on trial. The story continues, as will my take on it…

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Anna Dello Russo.

In an age where fashion can too often be about conformity and acceptance, I thank Coco Chanel that Anna Dello Russo is the Elton John of the fashion editors; unique, respected and frankly, completely nuts. Let me clarify here that I equally respect her - should I say - traditional counterparts (Alexandra Shulman and Anna Wintour come to mind.)

Yet I find myself partly infatuated and wholly consumed by Dello Russo’s lack of regard for what others might consider ‘the norm’. And why should she care? For what would almost seem to be an inability to differentiate between smart and casual, conventional and avant-garde, night and day, is actually a rare ability to have fun with fashion without giving a pig’s ear about anyone else’s judgment. For this, I salute her.

Image from the Sartorialist.